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Our UX Process

Requirement Research

Understanding problem statement and gathering user-centric data for a product or service
to be successful.
  • Analyze Problem Statement
  • Gather User Demographics
  • Define User Goals and Challenges
  • Form a Clear Hypothesis and Data Metrics
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Empathize User

Understanding user needs is identifying and representing a user while deciding product flow.
  • Create User Personas
  • Create User Scenarios
  • User Interviews
  • Create Experience Map
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Create UI Architecture

Anticipate user needs to ensure the interface has elements that are easy to access,
understand and use.
  • Create Information Architecture
  • Prepare Wireframes
  • Prepare Mockups
  • Design Style Guide
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Validate with User

Validate your design with users by observing them to identify usability problems
at early stages.
  • Perform Usability Testing
  • Analyze Testing Results
  • Monitor Usage Path
  • Incorporate Test Results
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Develop As Per Design

Stick to the design during development to support your user goals and make the
product or service adoptable.
  • Develop Final Mockups
  • Perform Usability Testing
  • Analyze Test Result
  • Incorporate Changes
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