Why UX Study is a must before development

Why user experience is a must before you start any project development

User experience is a scientific way of ensuring if the product you are building is useful to customers and if its simplicity will get them back in your product or service again.

Building product is comparatively easier that convinces users to use your products. This critical part of convincing cannot be forced upon users. Learning curve must be fairly straightforward and should not need training adaptability when the product size increases.

Our years of experience of building technology products, service and expertise in User Experience design will benefit you and increase the chances of your success drastically. Infact user experience is the only fact users care about the most, than anything else about your product or service.

Why UX is becoming a game-changer and many companies are investing in getting right UX for their product?

Following are some of the reasons behind this:

  • It drastically reduces the development cost
  • Right first step towards ‘Do It Right First Time’
  • Is the opportunity to get real user feedback from the market even before you build the MVP
  • It is the next generation top-down approach of software development
  • It reduces common issue of ‘Ever Changing Requirements’ almost by 90%
  • It helps reduce lot of waste (code/documents/defects/meetings etc.) in software building process
  • It works best with agile development methodology
  • It not only addresses the concern of your product development but also caters to all aspects around the services around the product

Generally technology products are designed and built by technology people, who by nature, focus more on accuracy and handling all minor and major user stories of the product, whereas UX guidelines says that focus should be given more on handling 80 to 90 percent of common scenarios that would be frequently used rather than increasing the complexity of the product to handle exceptional user stories.

At Techprimelab our focus is to build usable and maintainable software with minimalist coding with agile development methodology without generating the waste in the process.

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